What Are The Treatments for Lungs CancerHi, on this my page i will write one on the few lung cancer treatment and i hope this my article very useful for you. Treatments for lungs cancer are depends on the types, size, cancer position, and stadium of the cancer. The patient’s health also can affect to determine what kind treatment that can be taken.

Surgical Removal of Lungs Cancer

Surgery is performed to remove lungs cancer and some of the healthy tissues around it. It’s done to prevent if there is a cancer cell that have spread.

Wedge resection is a surgical procedure that remove a little part of lungs tissue because there is a little tumor of the lungs performance have been declining because of the previous lobectomy.

Lobectomy is a process of removing all parts of the lobus in one lungs. Lobus is part of the lungs that have clear boundaries. Right lung is consists of three lobuses, while left lung is consists of two lobuses. On the lobectomy procedure, all of the lobus from the lungs that have been affected by cancer will be removed. Lungs still can fuction properly if there is a remaining of lobus.

Pneumonectomy is a surgical procedure to completely remove one side of the lung. This procedure is performed only if the cancer cells have spread to all the parts of the lung.

The patient still can breath after doing all the procedures above. If part of the lungs removed, the remaining tissue still can expand after several times. It will makes the breathing more easy. It takes weeks to fully recovery from lungs surgery.

Like the other surgical procedure, surgical removal of lungs also can end with some complications, including lungs inflammation, bleeding, and blood clotting.


Radiotherapy is using radiation energy to kill cancer cells. This procedure also used to kill the remaining cancer cells, especially on the post-surgery condition. If there surgery is not possible, radiotherapy can be done to relieve symptoms or pain and slows the spreading of cancer.

The possible side effects are:

Coughing with blood

Pain on the chest

Skin inflammation

And fatigue


Chemotherapy is conducted periodically in several weeks or months interspersed with breaks for recovery. The procedure is using medication to kill cancer cells, slow down the growth of cancer cells, and slow down its spreading.

Chemotherapy sometimes also given before surgery with the purpose to make cancer shrink and become easier to remove. Besides, chemotherapy also can be done post-surgery to kill remaning cancer cells. Another function of chemotherapy is to relieve the pain and cancer symptoms.

The side effects that will occurs are physical fatigue, sickness, vomitting, hair fall, and ulcers on the stomach. Chemotherapy also can make the body more fragile to the infection.

Biological Therapy

This treatment is an alternative from chemotherapy. This therapy is using medications like erlotinib and gefitinbe that can slows the growth of cancer cells. This therapy is usually recommended for those who have SCLC that have been spread so it hard to be treated by radioitherapy or surgery.

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