15 Ways to Prevent Breast CancerThe easiest way to prevent breast cancer is with the healthy habits like limiting the consumption of alcohol, doing physical activities like sport and understand what will decrease the risk of exposing breast cancer. You maybe worried with this breast cancer, and wonder if there’s anyway to prevent this disease. A few factors like family history and genetics are can not be changed. However, there are other factors that can be changed, like your lifestyle. Here are the list of how you can prevent breast cancer:

1.    Limit the alcohol consumption. Because the more often you consume, the more you increase the risk of breast cancer. If you hardly can stop, at least limit the consumption to no more than one glass a day.

2.    Stop smoking. There are a lot of researches that shows connection between smoking and breast cancer, especially in women who experienced menopause. Besides, not smoking is good for your life.

3.    Control your body weight. Obesity can increase the risk of exposing cancer. Especially for women in menopausal women. According to Doctor Oz, for women have weight more than 175 pounds (79 kilograms), the probability of exposing breast cancer increase at 25 % compared to women who only have 132 pounds (59 kilograms) of body weight.

4.    Regular exercises can maintain your ideal weight, which will help for cancer prevention. For healthy adult, United States Department of Health and Human Services recommending at least 150 minutes of medium aerobic activities or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activities in a week, plus weight training of at least twice a week.

5.    Breast-feeding is an effective way of preventing breast cancer. The longer you do breast-feeding, the longer the protection from this disease.

6.    Be aware of changes in the shape of breast. More than 90% breast cancer cases detected by the woman herself.

7.    If you see a bump on your breast, quickly check it to a doctor. Researchs shows that a lot of women are delaying themselves to check their bump to a doctor, the reason is because they are afraid that the bump is diagnosed as a cancer. Whereas data shows that nine of ten bumps on the breast isn’t a cancer, so visiting a doctor will help you calm your mind. And if it is a cancer, a right treatment can help because the cancer is still on the early stage.

8.    A healthy diet can prevent breast cancer. It is recommended to consumes a lot of fruits and vegetables, seeds, and lean protein. And use vegetables oil instead of animal oil, and avoid of sugary drinks, refined carbohydrates and high-fat food.

9.    Avoid consuming too much food that is grilled like steak. Grilled food contains carsinogen that can cause cancer.

10.    Consumes a lot of fiber-rich food. It will tie the estrogen and discard the excess from the body, and also will increase bacterium to metabolize estrogen.

11.    Limit the dosage of any hormon therapies. A combination of hormone therapies for three years can increase the risk of cancer.

12.    Women at the age of 60 or have a family history of breast cancer must be considered to take medicines like tamoxifen or raloxifene. Both of these medicine can stop breast cells from influence of estrogen. According to American Ancer Society, researches shows that tamoxifen can decrease the risk of breast cancer around 50 % and raloxifene decreased it for 38% on the women with high risk of exposing breast cancer.

13.    Avoid of excessive stress. A lot of researches reveal that stress can be the main cause of all kind of health problems. And according to a suvery in England on 1995, concludes that women with heavy stress within 5 years can increase the risk by 50% of breast cancer.

14.    Avoid exposure of radiation and enviromental pollution. Several researches shows the connection between breast cancer and chemicals that are found at the workplace, like gasoline vapors and exhaust smoke.

15.    Consume herbals that can prevent breast cancer, like soursop leaf extract and Typhonium flagelliforme that can be combined with mangosteen peel extract. Note there are no any kinds of herbs that can prevent or cure overall breast cancer, so the combination of herbs with their own savors are required to prevent or cure breast cancer.


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