Ok, in my article i want to share infromation very useful for you on treat lung cancer using traditional medicine herbs. Herbs that are very often to be used in the lungs cancer treatment tend to shows the healing effect on the lungs and stimulate immune system. Here are the list of various kinds of herbs for lungs cancer :

1. Astragalus

Treat Lungs Cancer Using Traditional HerbsOne of the herbal medicine that is very common in the Chinese traditional treatment. Astragalus have cappabilities to improve immune system. According to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, astragalus inhibit the tumor growth, preventing the tumor to spread, and reduce the immune suppression from chemotherapy. A study reported an improvement on lung cancer patient’s life quality that takes the injection of astragalus while doing chemotherapy with clispatin and vinorelbine.

2. Bab Sha Shen

It’s also known in the US Silvertop Root, it acts as antibiotics and prescripted for dry cough with a little sputrum. A study shows the using of this herbs have effect in the inflammation reduction, and improving the quality of blod vessels and fighting compunds that can trigger cancer.

3. Gan Cao

Treat Lungs Cancer Using Traditional HerbsAccording to the WHO, gan cao, also known as licorice, is an expectorant that clinicaly proven to fasten the mucus secretion. Herbalist usually prescripted this herbs to ease the coughing and asphyxiation of the lungs cancer patients.

4. Oldenlandia diffusa

Treat Lungs Cancer Using Traditional HerbsThis herbs shows an anti-cancer characteristic and chemopreventative effect in the laboratory research conducted to animal. This lungs herbs can cause cancer cells to die because of apoptosis and stimulate the immune system to seek and destroy cancer cells.

5. Asparagus

Treat Lungs Cancer Using Traditional HerbsAlthough the study on the asparagus to check the biological effect only conducted on mouse, the evidence shows anti-cancer activities towards leukemia and lungs cancer.

6. Soursop leaves

Treat Lungs Cancer Using Traditional HerbsThere are a lot of studies in the South-East Asia especially Malaysia that reveals the anti-cancer substances on the soursop leaves. One of them is to cope with lung cancer cells.

7. Rodent tuber

Treat Lungs Cancer Using Traditional HerbsRodent tuber is an endemic plant from Indonesia that is hunted by many countries in the world, because the compounds inside it are effective to fight lungs cancer.


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