How to Recognize These Symptoms of Lung Cancer ? On the early stage, lung cancer is causing no symptoms at all. This symptoms will only shows when the cancer have reached certain phase. Here are the symptoms of the lung cancer:

recognize lung cancer

Don’t ignore coughing

Anyone can have coughing, it’s because this problem is a natural for everyone and can be experienced by any one. Coughing will disappear in days. If the coughing still haven’t stop for more than one week and appears often when the air is cold, it is better to be aware. It’s possible that you have problem with your lung, and it’s an early symptoms of lung cancer

Out of breath

You can be breathless and out of breath when doing a lot of activities. But becareful if you’re out of breath without any reason or without doing any heavy activities. If you’re out of breath very often, then it possibly a sign of lung cancer. Out of breath can be caused by smoking habit.

Pain on certain area

Pain or ache on the certain area is can possibly caused by lung cancer. Pain in the chest, shoulders, back and arms might be caused by lung cancer. It’s because lung cancer is causing problems on respiratory and supress certain area of the body.


Bronchitis is one of the symptoms of the lung cancer that is rarely occured. Usually it occurs on smokers. If you frequently feel unhealthy because bronchitis, it is better to be aware because it can cause lung cancer.

Ill So Often

Poor health condition and ill in many times is one of the symptoms of lung cancer that is caused by smoking habit. If you have smoking habit, you will feel fatigue, depression, decreased weight, and pain in the knees. You have to consult to your doctor immediately to identify the cause of the disease


Wheezing while sleeping is one of the symptoms that need to be aware of. It’s one of the symptoms of lung cancer and oftenly mistaken one of the sleeping problem. Even so, if this problems continue to occur even when the sleeping problem have been handled. It’s best to consult it to your doctor and check your respiratory health.

Sound change

Sound can change and it’s ominous if you have fever or influenza. It’s also one of the lung cancer that oftenly mistaken. Lung cancer will affect sound box so it very possible your sound will change. If your sound changes in a very long time, even if the cold and flu have been healed, it’s best to check it to doctor and do lung x-rays.

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