Wellcome to my site Chinese Medicine Nature – Doctor will examine the skin condition and decide wether you need to do further examination by a dermatologist. It’s the early process before diagnosing melanoma.


How to Diagnose Skin Cancer MelanomaBiopsy usually done by local anesthetic. The area of the mole will be made numb and you will not feel any pain. If the doctor suspects the mole as melanoma, you will be referenced to meet dermatologist or plastic surgeon for further examination.

Dermatologist of plastic surgeon may perform biopsy. A little surgery to remove mole that have possibility of melanoma to be observed by microscope. This process will be done to find wether the mole is a cancer or not.
Further surgery is needed to be done if the mole is a cancer. On most cases, this surgery done to remove the skin that have been affected by cancer in will be addressed by plastic surgeon.

Further Test

A further tests are need if you have concerns of the cancer have spread to other organs, like bone or to your blood flow. Other test that may have to be done are:

• Blood test
• X-Ray test
• MRI Scan
• CT Scan

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

The early patterns of the melanoma spreading commonly through the skin called lymphatic system, to a group of the nearest spleen gland. Medicaly, spleen gland also known as ‘lymph node’. This gland can be found anywhere inside body. This lymph can help to destroy bacterials and particles that is unwanted by body.

A set of melanoma cells in a little amount can spread through the lymph vessels system. For example, melanoma on the arms are often spread to the the lymph node on the armpits or crotch.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy is to determine wether the small amount of melanoma hae spread to the lymph node. A little spreading usually can’t be seen by x-ray test results but easier to be known in the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy process.

With blue ink and radioactive element that have been injected, sentinel node can be found and removed. But the node that have not affected is usually left behind. The node will be given to the pathologist to be examined, recognized, and separate the little melanoma cells. All of these process will take weeks.

For the patient with lymph node that have been affected by melanoma, there is possibility that melanoma have spread to other area. If the sentinel lymph node is clean from melanoma, it can be stated that lymph node is also clean, but this doesn’t mean that the melanoma cannot spread to other organs.

If the melanoma have been found on the sentinel lymph, there are at least of 20% risk that lymph on the same group have been affected by melanoma. On this condition, the remo all of the remaining lymph node that are affected by melanoma is recommended.

How to Diagnose Skin Cancer Melanoma?


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