For you that have lungs cancer symptoms likke continously coughing, coughing with blood, asphyxiation, and pain in the chest, it is best to see a doctor.

How can We Detect Lungs CancerEarly detection of cancer can improve the success of treatment process. So how we can detect lungs cancer? Here are some test that can be performed to diagnose cancer.

  • Imaging test. First diagnosis for lungs cancer is usually using X-rays. X-rays image from lungs can shows wether there is a tumor or not. If there is suspected to be a cancer from X-ray, advanced test to make sure of it. CT Scan can shows little abnormality that can’t be seen with x-rays. With CT Scan, the image will be more clearer and details can be obtained. PET-CT Scan can shows where the active cancer cells are. This test can be performed if the CT Scan test shows that there is an early stage cancer cells.
  • Sputum examination. Sputum that we get rid off when we were coughing can be examinated at the laboratorium with the microscope. Sometimes this test can be used to see wether there is cancer cells on the lungs.
  • Biopsy or taking samples from lungs tissue. This procedure will be performed when the imaging test have been shown that there are cancer cells on the chest. Doctor will take the samples from lungs tissue.

Stages of Lungs Cancer

  • Stage 1. The cancer is still on the lungs and haven’t spread to the spleen gland. The tumor size is till under 5 centimeters.
  • Stage 2. Tumor at any size have spread to other parts like spleen gland, chest cavity, diaphragm, or layer that encloses the lungs.
  • Stage 3. On this stage, cancer cells have spread to spleen gland and have been far beyond lungs or the tumor size on the lungs have been increased and attacks other organs near lungs.
  • Stage 4. Cancer have spread to the other lung or other organs that are far from lungs like brain and heart, or the liquid that contains cancer cells may have appears around heart or lungs.


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