Lungs cancer is a very dangerous cancer, but it also highly preventable from the early stage. For the early prevention, scientist are seeing risk factors  and protective factors. Anything that can incrase the risk the risk of cancer is called risk factors, and anything that can decrase the risk of lungss cancer are called protective factors.

Some risk factors are avoidable, but some are not. For example, smoking and inherited cancer gen are the risc factors for all kinds of cancer, but only smoking can be avoided. Regular exercise and healthy diet can be the protective factors for some of the cancer types. Avoiding risk factors and increasing the protective factors can lower your risk, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any risks at all.

Lungs cancer can be avoided with these ways:

  • Don’t smoke and avoiding become passive smokers. It is the main way to prevent lungs cancer. Also, avoid being a passive smokers if your environment is full of active smokers. Especially those whose active smokers, stop smoking right now! Though it has been years of smoking, this step is till have benefits and can lower the risk of affected by lungs cancer
  • Choose healthy food menu. Get used to consume low-fat foods and high with fibers. It is best if fruits and vegetables become the main menu of daily meals. Avoi d consuming to much vitamins in either pill or tablet because such medications usually comes with side effects.
  • Exercise regularly. Try to exercise regularly. For those who are rarely doing exercises, start this routines step by step. For adults, it’s recommended to at least exercise 2 to 3 hours in a week.

The bottom line is, keep your body from cigarette smokes, and be healthy. It is best to prevent lungs cancer than spending money on the expensive treatments that can cost you a lot of money.


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