Bone cancer is a disease that affects bone on the human body. It can comes from the bone itself or as the result of spreading from other cancer.

The bone cancer disease can be prevented like any other disease. There are several ways for early prevention of the bone cancer. here are the following ways to prevent bone cancer:

1. Strengthening the bone by harvesting vitamin D through the sunbathe before 10 o’clock in the morning.
2. Developing a healthy lifestyle with consuming foods that rich with natural calcium at the sufficient quantities.
3. Regular exercise can strengthen the bone because sport activities can make the bone composition more solid. Jogging and gymnastics are the exercise that is very recommended for the bone.
4. Avoid foods that have carcinogenic substances or a substance that can cause cancer.
5. Not consuming or at least limit the consumption of alcohol.

Chances of Recovering from bone cancer
Bone cancer that is not yet spread to other organ or still localized, is more easy to handle than bone cancer that have spread or metastasize. This is the factor that will affect the chance of the patient to recover. According to a study, a person that have been diagnosed with localized osteosarcoma is predicted to have 60 %more chance of survival at least for five years ahead, those who have been diagnosed with metastasize osteosarcoma will only have 10% chance of survival obat darah tinggi.

For the Ewing’s Sarcoma cases, the patient with localized cancer is predicted to have 70% chance of survival for at least 5 years ahead than those who have metastasize condition whose only have 30% chance of survival. Like localized osteosarcoma, most of the localized Ewing’s sarcoma also successfully recover from the disease.

Besides the level of spreading, the patients with the severity of the tissue that have been affected by cancer can also have chance to recover. According to a research, the chance of survival ratio between the low stage and high stage of chondrosarcoma for 5 years ahead are 80 to 30 percents. Throughout the life, bone will keep developing and improving. So there are still chance to prevent yourself from getting affected by the bone cancer.


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