Breast cancer is a terrifying disease for women, especially with those who have family history of exposing breast cancer. The cure for this disease haven’t been yet discovered by the experts. However, it can be prevented by doing healthy lifestyle such as consuming food that will lower the risk of exposing cancer.

In this article, we will mention several food, or in this case fruits to help you prevent breast cancer. Please note that consuming this fruits WILL NOT guarantee you from exposing cancer, but help you to lower the risk of exposing it. But certainly, it would not hurt to consume this fruit to help you prevent breast cancer. Here are the following list:


It is recommended to consume pomegrenate for a healthy food to prevent cancer. This fruit contains polyphenols, an ellagic acid that can help to prevent cancer growth.


According to a study, phitochemicals on blueberry works together to stop growing and spreading of the triple negative breast cancer, the most complicated form of breast cancer than any other types of it.


Tomatto contains high lycopene, that is known to lower the risk of breast cancer.


Avocado is full of oleic acid, that according to many researches can help to prevent cancer.

Red Grape

If it consumed at moderate amounts, red grape is believed to reduce the risk of breast cancer. However, consuming the alcoholized grape (wine) more than two glass a day can increase the risk of cancer, so the considerable restrictions is the key.


Pomelo is rich of vitamin C. This compund can help to prevent nitrogen that can cause cancer. So, if you consume a pomelo a day, it will help you to prevent bowel cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer.


Red apple must be consumed at least once a week to help preventing cancer naturally. Peel of red apple can help to detain the production of cancer protein and press the tumor respons to female hormones. So, red apple is good for women to prevent breast cancer.


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