Food And Drinks That Causing Breast CancerFood And Drinks That Causing Breast Cancer

Besides knowing what Signs and Symptoms and breast cancer, there are foods and drinks which became taboo for breast cancer or tumor. This kind of foods and drinks can make cancer cells spread and grow, so it’ll worsen the disease.

Here are food and drinks that can cause breast cancer:

  1. Vegetables
  • In bean sprouts, there are complex proteins that can cause cancer to growth
  • Chinese cabbage and kale reduce the effectiveness of medicine
  • Chilli can stimulates subconciousness to reduce oxygen on human body
  1. Fruits
  • An alcholized grape (wine) can increase the risk of breast cancer if it consumed more than a glass per day.
  1. Meats and salted fish
  • Meats (cow, buffalo, goat, pig) facilitates abnormal cell growth
  • Salted fishes that are processed with material that are not fresh will decomposite and becomes allergen that will provoke immune system. Consequently, the patient will feel dizzy, itchiness and swelling. For the cancer patient, it will cause pain on the part of the body that is affected by cancer.
  1. Preserved Food
  • Preserved food contains active carcinogen.
  • Grilled food, on charred or scorched part contains carcinogen that can cause cancer.
  1. Sea foods
  • Shrimps, oyster, crabs, and squids contains high fat. The cancer patient or tumor must reduce high-fat foods, because it can cause the growth of cancer cells.
  1. Poultry
  • Mostly, chemicals and hormones are used to enhanched the growth of livestock or powl, so the weight of the livestocks or powls can grow rapidly. The hormones injection are using anabolic hormones that are similar in humans. This hormones are suspected for triggering prostate cancer and gland cancer, and breast cancer of course.


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