8 Factors That Caused Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer in ChicagoUntil today, how the breast cancer happens is still hard to be predicted. A lot of women that do healthy lifestyle can still be exposed to cancer, whereas there are a lot of women that do smoking, drink acohol, and still in better shape even far away from cancer. A statistics shows that 1 of 8 women exposed to breast cancer.

Below is a list of what causing cancer that is listed by Cancer Research UK, a foundation that do researches for cancer in the UK. This list are indicators, so it’s not absolute.

  1. Family History
    A woman with sisters, mother or daughters that affected by cancer have twice the risk to be exposed by cancer than those who not have family history of cancer. Some medical experts says that breast cancer can be transmitted through heredity.
  2. Obesity
    Obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer by 30% on the post-menopause period, because excesive body fat can increase estrogen and insulin – hormones that caused cancer.
  3. Age
    The older a women get, the higher the risk of exposed by breast cancer. Women at the age between 50-69 is categorized as the most at risk, especially for they who experienced late menopause.
  4. Childbirth

Young women that have children are at low risk of exposing breast cancer.

  1. Lifestyle

Regular exercises and a healthy diet can help decrease the risk by getting rid of harmful fat. Smoking and consumes alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer.

  1. HRT

Women that do hormone replacement therapy have 66% chance of exposing breast cancer, but the risk are temporal. As long as the therapy stopped and never be done again in five years.

  1. Oral Contraception

Contraceptions like pills can increase risk of cancer by one-fourth, but because oral contraception mainly used by young women, the risk are lower.

  1. Alcohol

Regular consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer by 12%.

Above causes of cancer are indicators, it means that the main cause of cancer is still yet to be explained by experts. Nevertheless, living a healthy lifestyle will not hurt, as a matter of fact it will improve our healt.



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